your home for all your beauty needs

your home for all your beauty needs


Lena Taryanik

I have been passionate about the beauty industry since I was a little girl; so when the time came to pick a career path it was an easy decision to make. In 2008 I graduated from beauty school with an esthetician license and began my journey into the beauty world. my first opportunity to work with brows and makeup began at Benefit Cosmetics, then I moved to MAC for several years where I got more experience and deeper knowledge of makeup and best common practices. In 2014 I decided to further my education by returning to school for her cosmetology license. Shortly after that, I fell in love with microblading. I have trained with some of the best educators in the industry and continue to develop my craft, style, and learn. I also always try to stay on top of all the newest standards as well as any new trends and developments in the industry. For me, beauty isn’t just a career, it’s a passion and my goal and dream is to help each and every client achieve their best look and ultimately walk away from each appointment looking and feeling incredible.

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